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Three Musketeers

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The book has five was remade into a movie. Yugoslav players Savicevic, Pan Caifu, 普罗辛内斯基, was collectively known as There is also an anime and a Disney cartoon, also known as


About the major works on the book catalog and historical context on the historical background of achievement and evaluation


About Alexander Dumas (Alexandre Dumas, père, 1802 年July 24 -1870 Dec. 5 years), the literary world, said Dumas, the French 19th-century Romantic writers. Dumas self-taught, and his various books written by as many as 300 volumes, mainly novels and plays, known to the world. Dumas kept the Republican political views, against the monarchy. Because of his mulatto identity, their lives are plagued by racism. Alexandre Dumas, with the famous writer was born with a mistress, Dumas his later years when he said, the son of his best work in life. Highlights of his grandfather Three Musketeers movie stills (15) Anthony - Terry Alexander-David La Marquis who leaves the Government as an Artillery General in the French quartermaster; 1760, moved to Santo Domingo (now Haiti) . March 27, 1762, a female slave 名叫塞塞特 Dumas gave birth to a boy, take Mingtuo Ma - Alexander, the father of Alexandre Dumas, baptized with the mother's family name Dumas. Dumas on July 24, 1802 Wheeler was born in France - Kete Lai (near Paris). After the outbreak of the French Revolution, Alexander Dumas repeatedly perform outstanding service, when the generals on the republican government. Dumas living for Republican politics, has consistently opposed the monarchy, restoration dynasty hatred, resentment July monarchy, against the Second Empire. He suffered racial discrimination, heart trauma. Dumas family background and experience to form against injustice, the pursuit of justice, rebellious character. Dumas self-taught, and his written works of all types as much as 300 volumes, mainly novels and plays, known to the world. Alexandre Dumas's play This is a romantic drama, completely get rid of the classical During this period, he created the Alexandre Dumas novel up to one hundred, mostly true history as the backdrop to the hero's adventures for the content, plot twists and turns lively, always surprising, called the historical thriller. Unusually ideal hero, the rapid development of the story, fighting intense action, clear the complete structure of bright, vivid and powerful language, flexible, witty dialogue constitutes a Dumas novel features. The most famous is the He has been editor of a literary nature of their own newspaper, called It was the French family of women deeply loved books. Dumas was Belinsky called Bethany Dahl major works central trilogy: (the old translation, (paragraphs 6 to 11 volumes) Note: face people. Vallotton towards the trilogy: Monte Cristo allies and enemies in mind, ) Chapter Athos's shoulder, shoulder strap and Aramis Botuo Si

Three Musketeers books

handkerchief Chapter king musketeers and the cardinal's guards Louis XIII of Chapter VI His Majesty the King's musketeers Chapter VII Chapter VIII of a palace conspiracy chores Chapter IX Chapter X to show their talents Niang Dada seventeenth century it gradually catching cage Chapter XI Chapter XII complicated the Duke of Buckingham George Villiers, Mr. Joseph Beaune Chapter XIII Chapter XIV Chapter XV of the man mons the judiciary and the military XVI Minister Saiji Ai keeper of the seals as it was before the clock struck more than once to find the first Chapter Seventeen Chapter Eighteen women Beaune Joseph Valentine and her husband battle plan Chapter XIX Chapter XXI journey Countess Winter Dance Meierlaisong Chapter XXII Chapter XXIII dating twenty-four chapters of the small building twenty-six chapters twenty-five chapters Botuo Si papers Aramis Athos's wife, Chapter XXVII Chapter XXVIII Chapter XXIX returned the thirty-hunting equipment Under Chapter Milady volumes: the first chapter of British and French legal representatives Chapter II Chapter III a lunch meal maid and mistress, and Aramis Chapter IV Chapter V equipment Botuo Si cat night all dream of revenge gray Chapter VI Chapter VII Chapter VIII Athos secret Milady not bother to get his vision equipment Chapter IX Chapter X Chapter XI of a terrible La Mirage Sher siege Chapter XII Chapter XIII Ang Ru red wine loft stove chimney inn XIV Chapter XV of the couple meet the purposes of Chapter XVI bastion St. Gervais Chapter XVII of the musketeers Chapter XVIII Chapter XIX Conference chores Chapter doom pledge and a wife of a husband's brother's remarks Chapter XXI Chapter XXII officers imprisoned twenty-three chapters the first day of the twenty-fourth day after confinement the third day of the twenty-five chapters Chapter imprisoned imprisoned imprisoned for the fourth day of the fifth day of the twenty-six chapters Chapter XXVII Chapter XXVIII classical tragedy the way to escape the twenty-nine chapters in 1628 August 23 in Portsmouth to do in France of Chapter XXXI Bettina's Carmelite convent in chapter thirty two thirty-third chapter devil a drop of water thirty-fourth chapter drape a red cloak of people thirty-fifth chapter thirty-sixth chapter of the death penalty trial, the outcome end of the

Three Musketeers

Background significance Dumas wrote in 1844 on the March-July in Paris in The novel by Louis XIII French court during the background, describing the young hero People Niang away from home, came to Paris, hoping the country's firearms teams to realize their ideal of life story. People Niang and Ados, Boerduosi, Allah Mies Three Musketeers formed Damon and Pythias, four involved the King Louis XIII, the Prime Minister Li and his gang launched a competition to stay thrilling contest. The novel is the history of world literature praised the friendship between men, one of the few works. Ados, Boerduosi, Mies, and Allah is the loyal friend Dada Niang, who congenial, cooperative understanding of each other to lose their lives for each other. They are friendship, youth, a symbol of courage. In battle, the legendary Musketeers Alexandre Dumas interpretation of good and evil, the eternal theme of loyalty and betrayal. Dumas has a famous historical background: . At that time, the main Catholic Reformation began in France, which the Protestant forces of increasingly powerful and occupy a lot of cities, the formation of the country situation in the country. For France, the consolidation of unity and power, 1625, Cardinal personally command the army took over the last bastion of Protestantism - La Rochelle city, away from the Protestant political privileges. This history was the major political events in France, book it as the background, but not rigidly adhere to history, the historical events and figures that appear to be sublimated, evolved into a magnificent, exciting literary masterpiece. Achievement and evaluation of the novel describes the French cardinals Richelieu, prime minister from 1624 to 1628 Huguenot invasion and occupation of the main religious base made La Rochelle city what happened during the period. Richelieu King Louis XIII in order to help do everything possible to seize the Queen and British Prime Minister, the handle ambiguous relationship between the Duke of Buckingham. The hero works for Dada Niang justice, and his friends save the Queen, The Three Musketeers for the Archbishop of the set to break through the net of the many, the ultimate preservation of the Queen's reputation. People Niang and the adventures of The Three Musketeers, Dumas pen in vivid, vivid twists and turns, fascinating. Dada Niang book hero and some major characters are prototypes. A novelist named Ku Dizi, has published the name of The Three Musketeers, both of Therefore, strictly speaking, As the Dumas is indeed generous, he established close ties with many small and independent Chengzhang weave together the story, such as Buckingham and the queen of love, Ados's unhappy marriage, Felton's cheated, Dada Niang and Mi Laidi of disputes ... ... to enable them to form a complete soul-stirring event. Dada Niang's resourcefulness and courage feeling heavy friends, Ados sophisticated way of doing things, the evil, Boerduosi's brashness, vain, Allah Smith's mannered, flexible, changeable, Mi Laidi youth and beauty, ruthless, Cardinal's unpredictable, insidious treachery, Bonaxie good wife's innocence and ignorance of her husband's character is ridiculous vividly alive on paper, the performance just right, most vividly, with a high aesthetic value. To demonstrate the grand picture of French society at that time. Although work is popular fiction, but rather pay attention to the text, but not incomprehensible gorgeous, funny and not vulgar. Works from different angles more or less reflected the prevailing social phenomenon, exposing the hypocrisy of the ruling class relationships between the characters, but also the vitality it still has an important reason. Atlas Atlas entry for more extended reading: 1

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Synopsis Movie Synopsis 17th century works of the Kingdom of France , politics is power struggles, contradictions. People Niang is a hero in the provinces abjection aristocracy, he kind, honest, witty, courageous. People Niang inadvertently offended the three musketeers: Athos, Aramis Botuo Si and they made and to honor duel Niang Dada, Dada Niang had to accept it. Unexpectedly attracted Cardinal Richelieu's guards, they rely on numerous, the challenges to the three musketeers. People Niang musketeers are joined on this side, over the Cardinal's guards to show their courage, get a fire Gunners captain Dirt Mr. Lei Weier and King Louis XIII of appreciation, but also because of the We battle each other to resolve the misunderstanding, and The Three Musketeers formed very good friends. After many setbacks, he finally joined the rifle team, to achieve their dreams.

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Version 1 Actor: G · Mall has Seoul y · Samson G · Serbia Directed by: A · Hengnabeier producers: French film company EMI BAC / SGC Ladder Sri Lanka and Thailand, Italy's most tender version of the Three Musketeers old version 2 Cast: Douglas Fairbanks Director: 佛烈德尼布洛 Producer: Fujian Audiovisual Publishing House is the most faithful to the original this version of from Darfur met the three major Nigerian musketeers have been central to the execution of Mi Laidi, the plot is almost not changed place. Rather special is that this version starring the actor Darfur like the Central Bethany 克勒克盖博, the stage of their action is recommended. Version 3 film director: George Sidney film actors: Gene Kelly Gene Kelly, June Allyson Qionga Morrison Angela Lansbury Angela Lansbury Frank Morgan Frank Morgan Keenan Wen Ji Geyang Gig Young Robert Keenan Wynn Coote Reginald Owen Ian Keith Patricia Medina Richard Wyler Released: October 20, 1948 production team: FRAGMENT Version 4 Cast: Charlie 辛凯弗苏士 Lanke Li Soar Downer Director: 史蒂芬霍克 Producer: Touch Stone This is a more recent version. This is inside the central Darfur Bethany is the youngest,cheap timberland boots, but the deletion of a number of circumstances, not Britain and France after the war. And in this there is a bishop against angle of the letter. Version 5 film director: Pierre Aknine Actors: Vincent Elbaz Emmanuelle Béart Released: 2005 under the famous writer Alexandre Dumas novel of the same name in the film version of the five can be said that the most prominent achievements in this film. Not only the luxury scene, the plot is also extremely witty, as always classic. More entries Atlas Atlas 3. Japanese animation Allah Smith is a woman, Mi Laidi abandoned by Buckingham deteriorate, the central end Darfur Bethany let Mi Laidi, Constance

Disney swordsman More entries Atlas Atlas 4. Disney animated film and the original does not matter. Is about the dream when the swordsman Mickey, Donald, Goofy Captain Peter three through the efforts thwarted a plot to save the kingdom, find true love story. presents a new play. Corina joined Barbie played a young village girl, going to Paris for her great dream - becoming a swordsman! She left her home to Paris to pursue her dream, she met the other three also have the same dream girl, who, like Corina, hope to become a swordsman. In order to achieve their own aspirations, Corina their efforts to train with every day skills. However, they find an evil plan to kill the Prince Louis of conspiracy, in order to save the prince and his kingdom Louis, Corina them to the test by a lot of difficulties and obstacles! Rely on their special talents of each person, they came a fancy dress party secretly protecting the prince, after a struggle, Corina they finally succeeded in preventing this evil plot and save the Prince Louis, who eventually realized his dream has finally become a swordsman Atlas entries More Atlas 5.2010

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Game Game description of the same name configuration requirements of the same name as the Game Game Title: The Three Musketeers Chinese name: The Three Musketeers Game Release: dtp AG / Anaconda game production : House of Tales Entertainment GmbH Games Language: English Genre: Shooting Flying finishing date: June 25, 2010

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game story describes the game is drawn more and more widely the , in addition to the original, by the classic film adaptation about, or adaptation of the famous literary works are the subject of choice nowadays is very keen to source new game Swedish Business Legendo Entertainment has announced their first game, (The Three Musketeers), The game is based on great French writer Alexander Dumas (Alexandre Dumas l802 ~ 1870) of the famous novel The game is not the first adaptation of the original game, there was an original adaptation of the same name is based on the novel, the hero is a brave dog, and this adaptation of the game is the hero of the adventure for the content, plot the ups and downs , breathtaking in with humor, witty dialogue, vivid, fresh comic style of the game so unique. Structure of the game is made for the original story, the original is a well-known, popular chivalric heroism, the story is based on 17th century French period of Louis XIII is the story of the protagonist People Niang (D'Artagnan) and three fire Royal Arsenal for the completion of the mission to seek peace with neighboring countries, the United Kingdom that occurred between the adventure. Game only in the original interception as a chapter in the story in the game, players assume the role of the protagonist is not the original Dada Niang, but one of the heroic Musketeers Porthos (Porthos), which However, a Three Musketeers, natural and ultimately, the other two partners Athos (Athos) and Aramis (Aramis), the hero on the original Dada Niang, appears in the game only as a supporting role. One day, Porthos in Paris with two other partners, the red pigeon hotel resort, suddenly a young man rushed in, he is the People Niang, he informed the Three Musketeers, he was evil Xia Weier ( Xavier) and his staff count hook hands Osney (Orsini) to kill the count, then, The Three Musketeers and the two villains fight, but Porthos was beaten unconscious, and when he wake up when find the other two partners are the evil count in a van away from us. Configuration requirements CPU Pentium 4 1.6 GHz 512 MB RAM memory card 128 MB hard disk space 4 GB HDD operating system Windows XP / Vista. More entries Atlas Atlas 6. Yugoslav famous players

Three Musketeers

Savicevic famous players of Yugoslavia, Pan Caifu, 普罗辛内斯基, was collectively known as 1991 European Cup Final, Red Star Belgrade, Yugoslavia defeated the then mighty Marseille team won one fell swoop, the brilliant achievements of the Yugoslav football. Which constitute the Red Star team three up front and therefore very famous trident, and was given the highest honor the fans - Dejan Sword of the eternal. Savicevic no one denies is a talented player Savicevic, or he would not create such a rich spiritual goals. Some say he is a butcher, but I think in many cases, he is more like the wizard on the court. Yugoslavs no shortage of talent, and Savicevic nineties of last century the former Yugoslavia is the golden generation of players represented. For political reasons, Yugoslavia did not participate in international competitions, but in a small amount of competition, he and Pan Caifu, 普罗辛内斯基 or access to the Addition to the I think the Whether it Thunderclap, or instant Smart, can not resist. Actually very small when Savicevic has demonstrated extraordinary talent in football, was the domestic media as the He was 17 for the first time to participate in the Southern League, and shine, the same year entered the national team in the history of this situation is rare. The 后萨维切维奇 joined Red Star Belgrade, when the team's player is the club's history with the most powerful of the term, they not only sweep all opponents in domestic league and European king in 1991. As early as 1990 Champions League, Red Star win on almost overturned later, AC Milan, which the young Savicevic stunning performances, to the Italian giants left a profound impression. The coach Arrigo Sacchi in the game from the stands stunned, when Javier got the ball, his heart to the eyes of that voice. The battle for young Savage joined the foundation in Milan. Savicevic champion at the time is synonymous with Milan before he came to win three consecutive Southern League title, with the Rossoneri after he scored three times in Serie A title, only in the Serie A championship in 1995 Juventus lost the war. In addition to the league title, Savage had also made two Champions League titles, two he is the absolute main team. Also in 1991 he took over Red Star Toyota Cup with AC Milan in 1994, claimed the European Super Cup. It was a fantastic era, Savi almost all realized the dream as a player. However, he did not get the European Cup and Yugoslavia, and the World Cup. Savage participated in a total of two World Cup in 1990, he was too young in 1998, he has started to decline. If the United States in 1994 to participate in the World Cup, then it is what kind of ending. Unfortunately, history does not allow assumptions, one does not work. He is a left-hander, but his right foot effort is also good, when can footed shot. Savicevic outstanding effort dribbling the ball like a stick in the feet in general, opponents always felt about to grab the ball, but still fall short at the last minute. Extraordinary talent, solid basic skills and brilliant achievements made Savicevic put AC Milan's jersey No. 10. Roberto Baggio later transfer to the Rossoneri, two legendary striker who can wear jersey No. 10 at the time by fans and media attention. Baggio or will eventually give the Savicevic 10, 18, wore his jersey. The Prince later told reporters depression: confusion caused by the team, then that would Taibuyinggai the. When the Liberian star Weah moved to the team, they did together to form a powerful front line. This is the famous Milan at Trident, almost invincible in the domestic league. But the boom-bust, Milan won the league championship in 1996 and began a three-year reduced. Savicevic has sadly left Milan, and an invitation to other teams refused to return to his hometown team of Yugoslavia, Red Star Belgrade. Later in the interview, the reporter asked: about what it means? played for the famous team, AC Milan is a symbol, a representative of modern football. In the Rossoneri are great in everything: the team, players, spectators, Madam President. I chose not better than it Club. Savi of the intend to retire after Euro 2000, but the injury he missed the second race, sorry to leave. Flowers bloom in winter snow and summer rain, Savicevic phased out the people's vision. When his fledgling sensation, leaving professional football Shiyou so quiet that a legend, but always someone in a different era about it. However, there is such a person, he will not live as long as separate and football for too long, Savicevic is the case. The end of Euro 2000, playing with toys the former Yugoslavia, the Persian Cove coach resigned, Savicevic then stepped in as head of the Yugoslav three coaches. Unfortunately, the former Yugoslavia in the 2002 World Cup qualifying results are not ideal, being a team out of Russia and Slovenia take the initiative to hand over the reins 赛萨维切维奇. At this point the Southern Football Association has placed great trust in his request their continued coaching duties. This time Savicevic seized the opportunity, he has been called Serbia and Montenegro national team, led the team in the Euro 2004 preliminaries in 3 games played very good game, of which 1 to 1 draw away to Italy competition, especially admirable. Unfortunately, all these are not last, the fourth round of their away defeat to Finland 0 to 3 after the flood was a domestic criticism. Even the rain was leaking side, they have to resort to a fifth defeat of the belly than 2 units of Azerbaijan, 赛后萨维切维奇 is very disappointing. He said: has been verified. But the future is long, only 37 years old Savicevic, who can guarantee that he can not create a new legend it? Atlas Atlas entry for more I'll improve the